Monday, October 13, 2014

The Ultimate Meat Extravaganza Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil is downtown and it is fancy. It is known for the endless meat, it just keeps coming endlessly. I think it is an Brazilian steak house. The guys who bring the meat wear gaucho pants and are always carrying meat.

They have a huge salad bar in the middle of the restaurant with tons of yummy things to eat with the meat - like olives, cheeses, black beans, the chimichurri sauce and, well, salad.

I LOVE to go. Normally I don't eat much meat but at Texas de Brazil the meat is so good, I get stuffed. I really enjoy the flank steak, the sirloin, the ribs, the sausage, the lamb, the fillet and sometimes even the chicken - basically all the meat. It is all  really delicious. I even like how they will bring it out and cut your pieces for the perfect temperature for you. I like medium rare. I think they brine it first to make it tender and juicy.

Dad likes to go for lunch instead of dinner because it is a bit less expensive and he has all day to get over eating all that MEAT.

So if you want an endless array of yummy roasted meat in a super cool atmosphere with great sides this is the place for you and ME!

Love the Cabbage Leaf

PS. I really like the blue glasses and the meat!
Just so excited I forgot to take the photos!

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