Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July + Memphis= Jerry's Sno Cones

Jerry's Sno-Cones, an awesome Memphis treasure, is tucked away down some random street off Summer Ave. 

This place is a dive, painted pink and green with a polar bear and a line around the block that looks permanent. WAIT! Don't be discouraged by that line, it goes fast.

I don't love sweets, I really don't even eat them, but add a hot Memphis day and icy sno-cone sounds wonderful.

I ordered a watermelon supreme - it was just ok. The ice cream (soft serve) is layered in the cup. The soft serve is good. You know normal sno-cones are all crystally, well, Jerry's are actual snow with an outstanding texture. The watermelon flavor was just ok. My Mom had wedding cake and OMG was it good. I had sno-cone envy. Same sno and same food coloring which was red and a bit shocking. The flavor was unique and unbelievable. 

Jerry's has managed to take a mundane food like a sno-cone and elevate it too extreme heights. I really thought it was impossible to take a sno-cone too.  

Now here is where I NEED you! There are no descriptions on some of those flavors, so YOU have to post me descriptions! I need to know what Ninja Turtle, Elvis, Napoleon Dynamite, toxic, and Spiderman are...come on people help a boy out!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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Jerry's Sno ConeJerry's Sno Cone