Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Babalu a new view!

Overton Square is a trendy happening place. New, fun, exciting and pricey restaurants are popping up all over.
I just went to Babalu. It is a Mexican fusion place on the square. It looks kind of retro and feels open and fresh.
I got to try the guacamole - it is the house specialty and is made table side. I think that that is really awesome, just as cool as watching the hibachi steak guys, well, almost. They use fresh avocado, salt, lime juice, sun dried tomato paste, onions and salt and pepper. It can be as chunky or creamy as you like. For me chunky is better. I like a bit more pow in my guac but it was good.

The family shared some small plates. I picked the calamari. I asked for some of the wasabi mayo on the side. The squid was fresh and crispy. It was ok, good but not great.  I also tried the lamb taco. It was like a lamb gyro, the meat was pulled and the blue corn tortilla was the best part of the dish. It complimented the lamb in a surprising way. My Dad chose steak on a stick, it sounds like my Dad would love. Steak on a stick what could be manlier? The portion was small, and it had a sweet reduction on it and some potato hash on the side. Dad said he would not get it again.

Babalu is a cool place to go but I would go with friends and when you are not starving!

Love the cabbage, Leaf


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