Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rock the boat go to Rock'n Dough

Rock'n Dough is located in East Memphis, near Stash Furniture.
The inside of it is small but nicely furnished.
We go to Rock'n Dough when we have a pizza dispute.

That happens more often then you might guess.
When I fist had their pizza it was in a food truck. I remember the slice I got had bacon on it. I liked it. I think that is how the company started.
We usually have a large pizza with mushrooms, sausage, and sometimes olives. 
The pizza has a hand tossed
medium thick crust. It is a little doughy on the top. The cheese is gooey and very stretchy. The sauce is savory, the mushrooms are fresh, the olives are well olives.    

 One cool thing about them is the fancy pizza by the slice. They have the pizza out and the slices always look fresh.

I really like the place, it is not my favorite but it is a good pizza.

Love the cabbage leaf,

  Rock'n Dough Pizza Co. on Urbanspoon Rockn Dough Pizza Company