Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tops BBQ Burgers?!

Well,everyone is always raving about Tops BBQs' burger. They all say that the burger is something else.
My Dad is a huge Tops fan and late one night we went and got burgers. The inside is a BBQ shack at heart.
Howie Mandel would freak!
So here comes the burger, large, juicy, greasy, toasted, beefy, tomato, condiments, and the good old lettuce, everything a burger needs.
Surprise, it is really good. The fries,now, they are extremely good! Old fashion crinkle cut so they hold the ketchup really well and just an all around outstanding crispy fry. 

I've joined the Tops burger club and I think you should too!

Love the cabbage, Leaf


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