Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Be Majestic at Majestic Grille

Majestic Grille is my Grandmother's favorite place.
It was an old movie theater that got turned into a restaurant.
They always have a black and white movie on a projector playing with no sound, but it is still cool.

Now onto the food.
I shared a salmon pizza with my Mama.
The crust was thin and generously sprinkled with salmon. It had spinach on it which I did not know about.
It could have used a light cream sauce. Overall it was ok. I would not order it again.

Dad ordered a hanger steak with mashed potatoes.
He thought that it was tasty but there were too many potatoes. It could maybe use a few green beans.

My Grandmother ordered the pork tenderloin with carrots, curly onion fries and mashed potatoes.
She liked it, it is what she usually orders.

If you want a majestic dinning experience go to Majestic Grille https://www.facebook.com/MajesticGrille .

Love the cabbage leaf,
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