Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A first for Me at Tart

One of my favorite X-Librarians said that Tart was really good so I had to go and give it a try.

Tart is located on Cooper. It's a small European feeling coffee house/bakery. I expected it to be arranged like La Baguette with lots of treats but Tart had fewer, more elegant, hand crafted, fancier treats. I like a big selection so this seemed strange to me. I did see many things I wanted to try but this isn't a huge variety place. It is an elegant,crafted place.

We decided on a cherry tart and Pain Au Chocolate, with 2 different coffees. Mama got the Cubano, it was kind of smoky  which was nice. I got the Espresso. I Really liked it, it was my first Espresso ever! 

The pastries were good. The Pain Au Chocolate was really great. I especially liked it dunked in the coffee. The cherry tart could have used a hint of something- maybe citrus or spicy pepper. It was just a bit salty and not very sweet which was very nice! 

They had an interesting choice of breakfast and lunch foods all which sounded fabulous and I am eager to go again. There is a fancy salmon dish served in a jar with butter and baguette that sounds like a must try.

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

I think Espresso might be addicting!

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