Friday, July 18, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge

My Mom works sometimes for a jewelry store, Robert Irwin Jewelers and one of the guys who works there just loves Brooklyn Bridge. He told my Mom it is the best NY style pizza in Memphis. 

Well, with all the pizza wars in our house we just had to try it! My Mom, the NYer, does love it. 

The place is an old time Italian restuarant with nice food, good service and alot of those extras that many restaurants are leaving behind, They give you bread with Olive oil and spices to start. There are table clothes and it is just kind of fancy even though the prices are not too high.

Monday is Pizza special night and that makes going a real treat. Anytime Pizza has a discount it is a good night.

We usually splurge and get toasted raviali and they are really tasty. I like the meat. Dad likes the cheese so it works out just fine. 

The Pizza has a medium crust and is just floppy enough to be NY style. The sauce is savory and the cheese is generously sprinkled and melty. It is good stuff. We can all agree on it and that is rare in the Pizza wars in our house.

I am always happy to go only problem it is far from home all they way out East!

Still if you are out there just try it. I bet you will like it too. 

Love the Cabbage Leaf

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