Monday, April 3, 2017

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Behind the Scenes- The making of a segment...

A while back and I mean a while, i got this email saying hey would you want to do an episode of Galileo Tv.  I said yes, of course, sounds fun!

After about 400 emails well really 500- the shoot was set and my Mom had planned out all the aspects of the segments to shoot here in Memphis. It might seem easy but with everything there are phone calls and asking and email and more emails...

When the Crew arrived they brought me some goodies from Germany and then seriously we got down to work.
They are the top of the game and true professionals. As always it was loads of fun but some serious work and retakes. Understanding how much thought and planning goes into a segment can really blow your mind.
I shared my City with them and sent them to Graceland with Mom, gave them the best BBQ in Memphis at Central and we filmed.

For the first time I created a new spice blend live. It came out perfect to my vision and it was just so much fun to share the creative process with the Crew. For me the evolution of a spice blend has always been done while the cameras were not rolling so to be able to share how I make one was awesome.

I always get nervous for about 10 minutes after I film and worry about the EDIT. I had nothing to worry about, when you work with pros it makes every aspect of a video go from good to the best.

This piece is first class, perfect and I loved it even if I can't speak German!

Here is a big shout out of Thanks to the Galileo Team for making me look great!

Thanks for joining my journey
Love the Cabbage Leaf


P.S- here is the link so you can watch the segment.
"Youngest Chef In The World" by Galileo
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