Monday, April 24, 2017

Life on the Edge

Stuart Edge.

About a year ago I made a video with a magician named Stuart Edge, now you might ask exactly why a magician and a kid chef teamed up to make a video together and it's simple food is Magic. The video that we made was an instant Fathers day steak dinner, I did the "Steak Dinner" part and Stuart covered the "Instant" part we both thought the other had the harder part. Ultimately the video was a huge hit and was incredibly fun to produce.


Now, let's come back from the past and into the now, Stuart and I have stayed good friends since and when he got an idea for another video he called me up. The next video, I am not going to give very many spoilers away, but, it is going to take place at a homeless shelter. It will Air on Random Acts soon. 
While I was out in Utah, we plotted and planned about how to have some more fun because we were both kinda bored. I also went skiing for the first time, it was a lot of fun. I found out my ice skating skills translate just fine to skiing. Maybe I have a future as ski instructor chef. 

So from past, to present, to the future, we decided we really like making videos together and we are thinking of making a new series of videos along the lines of "Will it Cook". This should include elevating some of your favorite fast foods to chef quality meals. What do you think?? Will it cook?  Give my Youtube a subscribe and you'll be the first to see these new videos!

Love the beef

Also be sure to check out Stuart Edge's  Youtube channel and the fathers day video.

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