Friday, June 3, 2011

Ni Hao all you Chinese Food Lovers

I went to Mosa (in east Memphis) with some friends. The food was good. I really wanted the Tokyo Style Sea Bass but decided not to wait the extra time for it to cook. I went with the Sesame Chicken and fried rice. It was oh, so tasty I had to have another plate. No Chinese meal is complete without wonton soup and an egg roll. The soup was a very peppery and the egg roll was filled with shrimp. 

 The menu was a bit exotic with sea bass, edemame and lettuce wraps. My friends had the Hunan Chicken and the Wraps. They really liked it. 
I would go back. They look like they have a good business going. The restaurant was pretty and clean. The people were very friendly too.

Zai Jian,
Love the Cabbage, Leaf

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  1. We love Mosa. Try the jiao zhe bowl next or a curry special (check the whiteboard when you walk in). Knowing you, you may want the jiao zhe bowl a little spicy. I order mine with no spice. Your friends were right; the lettuce wraps are yummy! That used to be my standard order. By the way, S always gets the sesame chicken.