Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beat the Heat get a Gryo

At Castle Restaurant on Park Ave. This hidden restaurant is perfect for a delicious meal.
Middle Eastern Food is unusual for this Memphian, but I like it.

The Gryo sandwich is big and fresh. The meat is different and very flavorful. The tzatzki gave a fresh taste. Loaded with fresh veggies and tons of meat. The pita bread was grilled nicely.

I ordered the Shish Kabob (beef)  sandwich and it was more unusual with many different spices. It had a pickle in it. The whole thing was all wrapped in flat bread, I traded it for the Gyro! It was a bit heavy tasting and I missed that yummy yogurt sauce.

 The Hummus was not the best. It was a tad bitter. But it looked beautiful with oil and fresh herbs. I like my hummus sweeter.
The Lady was very friendly and she wanted me to be happy and like the food.

I would like to try the falafel, philly cheese steak and a greek salad. So I would definitely go back in fact it would make a good lunch today.....

Love the Cabbage- Leaf

Castle Restaurant
Middle Eastern American Cuisine
3990 Park Ave Memphis TN 38111 Castle Restaurant/Jr Fish & Chicken on Urbanspoon