Monday, May 19, 2014

Seconds for me at Second Line

Second Line by Chef Kelly English,

I have seen Chef Kelly English around; at Home Depot, the Easy Way, and all over town but never the less I have never eaten at Iris although attempts were made, and you know the outcome no Iris for me.
So when Chef Kelly English was opening a new restaurant where he could get "Down and dirty" I was overjoyed.

On Mothers day we went to dinner at Second Line.
The wait list was LONG but we some how made it in and got to enjoy dinner.
I was being intrigued by not only the po'boys, appetizers, side items, and the plates.  The menu is a bit odd but the flavors sounded like they would not disappoint.

I ended up having the shrimp appetizer which was named after the Grizzly's but has some profanity so just go there and get the shrimp appetizer with Tabasco aioli.
They were quite delicious cooked to perfection and could use some more aioli which was also delicious.The hint of tabasco gave them a nice kick but did not overpower the shrimp.
I shared the oyster po'boy with my Mama the po'boy was divine and the oysters were happily bunched together and it was exquisitely cooked. The sandwich was toasted and had fresh salad stuff it could have used some of that good Tabasco aioli otherwise very good.

Dad's sandwich was shredded beef with a swiss cheese, he said it was ok. He got the onion rings were a little soggy. Our Groceries included  red beans and rice which had sausage slices in it but was a little overcooked.  kick butt cold slaw had a very Asian flare and I loved it.
Logan Guleff Chef Kelly English  Memphis, Tennessee MasterChef Junior Season 2

P.S: The atmosphere felt like a live band was playing but there was not a band there it could be a good addition.
P.P.S sorry but I forgot about the unsweetened tea with simple syrup which was out of this world good! 

Love the cabbage leaf,
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