Thursday, May 22, 2014

I was skewered at Skewer.

So, I was watching The Mind of a Chef with David Chang on Netflix.
The show was about ramen noodles and the different styles of ramen soup, it was very fascinating. I wanted to try some ramen. I heard that there was a ramen place in town, so of course I had to go.
My Mama brought me to Skewer and it is a small little restaurant with a cool dome in the ceiling the style is slightly modernistic. 
Skewer had Skewers naturally and ,Rice Bowels, Ramen, Zushi, and plenty of wonderful appetizers.
I got The Yakibutan ramen, it had a clear broth flavored plentifully with seaweed, added in were some soft boiled eggs, roasted pork tenderloin, some mushrooms,  baby bok-choy, and a free salad with ginger dressing the salad was not in the soup.
My Mama got The Tonkotsu ramen it had a pork and vegetable broth with spicy layers of flavors. There was mushrooms, soft boiled eggs and so much more. 

I stole Mama's Tonkotsu ramen and ate a big chunk of it.
Logan Guleff Skewer Ramen Memphis TN MasterChef Jr 2 Junior
She decided to get another ramen so she ordered The Gokumiso ramen it had a very sesame flavored broth, some of the vegetables that were in it were, kernels of corn, bean sprouts which were delicious, spicy ground pork, and you guessed it soft boiled eggs.
Logan Guleff Skewer Ramen Memphis TN blogger MasterChef Junior USA 2
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I stole that one too (in the end Mama didn't get to much ramen, sorry).

If you have only had ramen from the package than go to Skewer.

Love the cabbage, Leaf

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