Thursday, May 1, 2014

Join The Republic

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Republic Coffee.
Its a great little artsy place on Walnut Grove, they server plenty of delicious items including their coffee and breakfast sandwiches.
It has a very artsy and unique vibe, a nice place to go to write a paper or something. There are big tables to play games. I like the Lord of the Rings Risk. 
The food is pretty good, my favorite is the De Niro I haven't had much else. I mean when you find something good on a menu it can be hard to resist.   
The De N
iro is great TWO slices of in house smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese on an everything bagel.
I tried to get the Calkins but they were out of the smoked salmon. The sandwich has in house smoked salmon chopped, cream cheese,onions and capers on an everything bagel. 
All of the coffee is fabulous. I got a latte with foamed milk. Yum! 
Logan Guleff Republic Coffee Memphis Tennessee MasterChef Junior 2Breakfast is my least favorite meal. I usually forget it and have an early lunch, but, if you have time to go to Republic Coffee. 

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

PS. They also have free books! What a treat.
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