Thursday, March 6, 2014

When one eye is good: Patricks

Well, you remember when I did the post about the best burger contest, I went to the next years contest but never wrote about it. I am not to sure why. 
It was a great time, sun, burgers, food, dogs, kids- Burgers!
We were walking around looking to try burgers and one was a clear stand out for me a Burger by Patricks. It had an egg on it. It seem to me that eggs on unexpected  food are popping up more and more. 

My Dad just had a craving for that wonderful burger and luckily Patricks still makes it. I
My Dad and I both ordered the One Eyed Jack it was really good. The burger and egg go together like two pieces of a puzzle.
The burger was nicely seasoned but with out the egg it would have lacked every thing, The eggs a key piece of the burgers success. 
The curly fries were great and seasoned well.
Patrick's is an older place and had a sporty atmosphere decorated with licence plates and signs. It did take a  while to get the food out but the grizz were on a projector screen and it was a good time. 

My Mom got the club smokestack but they forgot the cold cuts and so that was a bummer. 

Go try this local burger in a local hangout it is sure to make you smile.
Love the cabbage Leaf,
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