Monday, March 10, 2014

If you were a Panda in Memphis where would you go ? I'd go to Panda Garden.

Panda Garden is one of my favorite places, it's on Summer Ave.
Its a Chinese food place and I have gone there many, many times, I just love it because it's Chinese food and it's the best.

One of my favorite items is the Wonton  soup its so tasty but I don't get the green stuff in it (cabbage and bok choy).
When I was four I ate all of my soup and Mama's too, it was just too good and I had two more bowls.

I usually go for lunch because you get an egg roll, chicken wing, fried rice, and donut.
I usually order the Da Chen chicken- a nice spicy chicken dish with a rich brown sauce and chunks of veggies. Then again I love the lo main a Chinese noodle dish with a nice sauce-yummy.  I also enjoy the szechuan beef ( it is a dinner item and comes with a fancy cut carrot.) It is very good. The sesame chicken is thin strips of fried chicken plain but tasty. and the sweet and sour chicken as the names says sweet and sour ...pretty good. 

When I eat my egg roll I eat it with some kind of red sweet sauce I don't know what its called but it adds a tangy taste.
Logan Guleff at Panda Garden MasterChef Junior USA 2WARNING: Beware of the SPICY mustard it can really bite you.

 I have to tell you that just being in Panda Garden makes me happy! I love the people who own it and work there. They are so nice. When I go I just feel happy.

Love The Cabbage Leaf,

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