Monday, January 20, 2014

A Shack that could be any 4 Star- Elwood's Shack

Logan Guleff at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee Blogger MasterChef Junior 2 USA
Ok, I was a bit skeptical...

My recent culinary adventurer brought me to Elwood's Shack,this little shack is bursting with flavor.

It's in the Lowes parking lot on Perkins,and like its name says its a shack... fun!

Logan Guleff Spice at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee MasterChef JR 2 USA Blogger

I ordered the fish tacos. They were 2 HUGE fish tacos, I mean huge. they were made with a 10 inch long flash fried flour tortilla. My mom got a brisket wrap sandwich but she had lunch envy. The fish was steel head trout, it had nice a texture. It also gave the taco a fresh taste. They had it seasoned and topped with fresh avocado and salad stuff. There was a real nice chewy cheese in there. I am not sure what kind.
Overall a great fish taco. My Mom thinks the best she has had.

The brisket wrap sandwich was a great. It was HUGE. There were some peppers and onions in it and a nice cheese.
The owner was a nice guy he talked to me about how he's from Texas and his brisket is marinade in Guinness stout and makes an interesting tex-memphis combo. Really, it is quite interesting.
  We swapped some cooking stories and he kindly gave me a sample of his spice rub to try at home. He sells it too. I hope to go back soon and bring them a sample of my rub.
So if you are HUNGRY and really want to fill up check out the Shack- Elwood's Shack. It is the place to be.
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Logan Guleff Spice at Elwood's Shack Memphis Tennessee MasterChef

Love the cabbage leaf,
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PS. I HAD to go back to Elwood's- I am planning to eat my way through the menu! I tried the meatball sub and the roast beef sandwich. Good, but not Fish Taco good!


Elwood's Shack