Monday, January 20, 2014

Boscos of Overton Square

A recent craving brought me to Boscos, this microbrewery is in Overton square.
The square is in a new revitalization but this old microbrewery has not changed much over the years, it's still going strong as a tradition in the square and midtown.

Our table ordered two pizza's: we ordered the Chesapeake, the Palermo.
I chose the Chesapeake, it had shrimp, fresh shell fish, and bay scallops, with a pesto sauce and white cheddar cheese. It had a alot of flavor. The Chesapeake pizza is like the sea under a microscope.I am not sure I would have made it the same way but it was good.
The Palermo it had pepperoni, sausage, and  portabella mushrooms.

I didn't have a slice of it, unfortunately. My Dad liked it and ate it all.
They gave us some fresh focaccia bread served with an olive oil and herb dip.

I liked my dinner- I think it might be a better spot if you could try the beer but I can't do that yet. The brewery equipment looked really cool though.

Love the cabbage, Leaf 
Boscos Squared on Urbanspoon Logan.   

Boscos SquaredBoscos Squared