Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Brushmark

Did you know there is a restaurant in the Brooks Museum?
There is- The Brushmark.

MasterChef Junior 2 Logan Guleff Memphis Tennessee  USA
I recently went there for a fancy lunch. Any time you can enjoy a meal in a museum you are in for a treat. The environment is so unique. I LOVE the Brooks. My favorite painting is the Bookshelf up on the third floor. I do get to go to the Brooks often, but this is my first meal there. 

So what was the food like?

It was fancy and elegant but still classical. I ordered the gazpacho and a Reuben.  I have to say I did not care for the gazpacho it was too cold and well, a bit strange. I have never had it before so I might not be the best judge.  I like the Reuben it has a great raisin mustard, and a bacon flavor that was pretty nice. 

My Mom had a delicious salad and the crepe of the day. Chicken and Ricotta with a Monterrey jack sauce. The crepe was light and perfectly prepared. The chicken was wonderfully seasoned and had a nice Mexican flair. We both thought it had too much ricotta. But it was still very good.

The cheese cake for dessert was pretty nice- not as good as my Mom's but, still was pretty tasty.

The view out the window into a very luscious green space was stunning. 

My only complaint was not price- this is a very affordable spot for lunch- but our waiter was a bit,
well, stiff. He did not seem comfortable with kids. 

That being said you probably aren't a kid, so get dressed up and head out to the Brooks. Feed your artsy side.

Logan Guleff at Brushmark MasterChef Jr 2 season 2 USA
Love the cabbage Leaf,

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