Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Ultimate Burger

Memphis Best Burger Fest 2015.

Burger Fest is a big deal in Memphis and is always a lot of fun.
The Burger Fest changed locations from Minglewood plaza to Tiger Lane at the Liberty Bowl, Tiger Lane is a much bigger venue and gives the teams a lot more space to make delicious burgers.
The Festival has grown a lot since I did my first blog post on it.
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side it was very cold and gray but that did not stop the fun and the burgers!
I got to judge the veggie burgers and the regular burgers.
Dad also judged the veggie burgers.
The judging process is very secretive but the veggie burgers were very interesting and definitely gave me some ideas about how to make my veggie burger better.
The beef burgers were tasty and interesting two, the  competition burgers are a lot different than classic burgers just like BBQ.
There were also lots of cool food trucks and fun things to do.
I cant wait for next Best Burger Fest hopefully the weather will be better.
Love the cabbage

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