Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Get Shorty

I was nominated for a
Shorty Award in the Food Category. Shorty's are awards for Social Media Excellence. The award show was in NYC. Now, I love NYC, so I asked my Grandma if she would take me. She said yes, so we got tickets and headed to the Awards.

Logan MasterChef Winner

It was held near Times Square and that is one of the coolest spots in NYC. We had a good hotel and the adventures just were NYC were great.

Shorty Awards MasterChef Winner LoganWe ate at Guy Fieri's restaurant and boy was it good. To be honest. I had low expectations cause it is hooked into that whole Celebrity  Chef thing but they kicked it out of the park. Amazing!

I ordered the food we saw on one of the triple D episodes and yum! It was a party!

Sashimi tacos, egg rolls, and fried calamari with a Mac and Cheese burger to share. All really good!
I think the sashimi tacos were the best, but mom thinks the Mac and Cheese burger!

Logan MasterChef New York Shorty AwardsWe then went to the 9/11 memorial and while it was very sad it was also very moving and well historic. I guess I understand about it better since it happened before I was born.

The Award show was really fun- and funny they had little appetizers which were just killer good.

LOVED them. I did not win but as Grandma says I have time!
It was such a great trip Grandma even got us all cool watches cause it was a good time, special time, and great time.

MasterChef and Grandma

Thanks Grandma I loved it!
(including the van ride)

We also visited Christina Tosi MILK but that is another post!

Love the cabbage Leaf

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