Monday, May 18, 2015

Memphis In May World Championship BBQ contest!

Memphis In May World Championship BBQ Contest!

MasterChef Winner

Now, in Memphis, that line means a lot to all of us! Memphis is the best for Blues and BBQ.
I mean if you don't know anything about BBQ, you best MOVE.
It is that serious. Even Veggies have to be smoked and sauced!
MasterChef Winner Junior
Memphis in May is a month long festival that celebrates Music and BBQ and Soul Food.
MasterChef Winner Junior US

I knew I wanted to be a BBQ Judge when I was like 5 and after I went to White House, they let me take the Judge's Class, so I would be prepared when they asked me to be a Judge.

Now this is an honor for anyone and I took the job super serious! I brought my A game and tried to be as serious as all the people in the room.
MasterChefJr Winner Junior
Believe me they were not too easy on me - standards are high, they went from Suspicious to Curious to Respectful to Happy!

I ate. I judged. I upheld the long line of BBQ lovers and hopefully made Memphis proud.

I know you may not understand the depth of the Honor I was given, but trust me I did!
All I can say the food was good. ok, out of this world! I judged exotics, beef, seafood, RIBS, and WHOLE HOG! I mean The Shed won the entire thing, I might have helped judge that!

Thank you Memphis in May and Thank you Judges. It was an honor to sit with you!

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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