Monday, May 11, 2015

Bam! Cooking for Make-A-Wish!

Cooking a 12 top with

Felicia Suzanne was just - WOW!

Ok, Memphis, if you have not tried Felecia Suzanne your missing something special. Chef Felicia was Emeril's Bam apprentice and she runs one of the tightest kitchens in Memphis. She is in the kitchen expatiating and really working the line. 

I loved it!
Logan MasterChef Winner
She invited me to do a fund raiser Dishes for Wishes and tossed in this exclusive dinner in her kitchen. Now most Chefs try too keep folks out of the Kitchen but Chef Felicia opens hers up on a regular basis and it is entertainment to the max.

She let me make up some menu items and BAM! we were off! 

Winner Master Chef I am not going to talk much but let these pictures speak for me! 
If you missed it you missed a TREAT!

I, then went back a few weeks later for the Dishes-For-Wishes main event and I had even for fun. Cooking and Serving and helping wishes come true. If you don't know Make-A-Wish provides wishes for kids who are sick. I mean how cool is that.

Memphis Winner MasterChefJr

If Felicia Suzanne ever offers me the chance to work in her kitchen I assure you I will say YES!

MasterChefJunior Winner
So, run don't walk down town and have dinner or lunch tell them Logan sent you! I promise some 4 star food from an exceptional Chef and a Crack TEAM! Thanks for having me.

MasterChef Junior
Love the Cabbage Leaf,
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