Monday, August 4, 2014


My birthday is in July, so you're probably wondering where a food blogger goes for his birthday celebration dinner, I went to Tsunami.

It's an older restaurant, so it has stood the tests of time. The decor is contemporary hip and still trendy. The menu is exciting and cool and changes a lot based on the seafood available.

I ordered an appetizer of wasabi deviled eggs. Tsunami took the humble deviled egg and made it an amazing dish topped with exotic Japanese rice seasoning.
I also ordered some fried calamari, which came with a chipotle dipping sauce which was quite tasty. I liked how Tsunami did not include any tentacles in the calamari. It may be in style to add them but I would rather not eat them.

For my main course I ordered the pan seared tuna with cajun shrimp, with a spicy sauce ,I can't remember what it was called but Chef Ben Smith made sure that it was fabulous!
The tuna was seared perfectly to a medium-rare, the sauce was a little spicy and a bubbly feta cheese and some olives in it. It was a little too spicy for me but the flavors were well worth the kick. It also had some jasmine rice which was nice to temper the heat.
My Grandma ordered the scallop dinner. It came with 4 scallops and a sweeter sauce. She thought maybe they used only one master sauce but nope, hers was different and paired well to make another nice dish. The scallops were cooked just to her specifications. She liked it. 

Mama had a flank steak with mashed potatoes some sauted mushrooms and a horseradish sauce. Mama just plain out Loved it.
Dad ordered a fillet 
with sauteed squash and mashed potatoes. He ate it really fast so he enjoyed it. 

Dessert was Grandma's choice and she chose giner donuts with a coconut ice cream. They were heavenly! Just light and cakey and crispy the ginger went well with the coconut too. All in all it was a great celebration dinner from a fantastic local chef. Chef Poseidon may have the best seafood in Memphis!

Love the cabbage Leaf,

P.S Chef Ben Smith has taken the time to teach me how to cook seafood. He is a great mentor and has earned the name Chef Poseidon.

Logan Guleff at Tsunami  Chef Ben Smith MasterChef Junior Season2


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