Thursday, August 28, 2014

Have a Flashback with Wiles-Smith Drugstore.

Wiles-Smith Drugstore is the oldest drugstore in Memphis! They are located on Union Ave. 

When you think of a drugstore you think of something     like Walgreens, but Wiles-Smith Drugstore is just the opposite.

Its an old timey mini diner that serves American classics like club sandwiches, BLT's, and milkshakes!
Logan Guleff at Wiles-Smith Drugstore MasterChef Jr 2 USA
I shared a BLT with Mama that was made with Joe's special bacon. The bacon lived up to its name and the BLT was awesome. We both got Joe's special extra thick malted chocolate milkshake, they are too yummy to share!

This is not your fast food milkshake but a real one with real ice cream. The Old Joe is upgraded and thicker and a bit more expensive. It is worth it though.

So have an old timey afternoon with a milkshake at Wiles-Smith Drugstore!

Love the Cabbage, Leaf


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