Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Osaka to Memphis 6,816 miles or just around the bend

I just watched a great documentary about SUSHI. It was really cool to see someone make the sushi. The star was Jiro, he is 85 years old and a sushi samurai. His restaurant seats only 10 people and his sushi sells for $300 a plate.He earned 3 Michalean stars. This is an honor. The Movie Jiro dreams of Sushi is all in Japanese, I really liked even though I could not understand a single thing they said. Reading subtitles is hard they go b quickly. After the movie was over I was so hungry and not for popcorn. I begged to go for Sushi, well, really to go to Japan but I settled for sushi.

A new restaurant opened close by my house called Osaka (Not in Japan). It is beautiful and the price was not not 35,000 yen either, just $2 a plate on this really awesome conveyer belt. I got to try several great rolls. My favorite was the Dino dynamite I ate it so fast I cant tell you what was in it but it was great. The sushi dude was extremely friendly and he made some rolls just for me. I also really liked the tornado roll which has salmon, cream cheese and avocado fried just a bit. The Sushi Chefs have been making sushi rolls for more than 8 years. My Mamma cant eat too much seafood and he was very careful to make some items just for her.

What I like best about sushi is the seafood is experly cleaned and cut. I like seafood so much but it has to be clean. Huge bites of mushy raw fish not too good but perfect sushi is FABLULOUS. The wasabi, pickled ginger and seaweed just add to the yum factor.

I am getting hungry for some right now....
I am dreaming of Jiro dreaming of Sushi...
Love the cabadge of the sea

Ps. I really need a passport....

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