Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bleu , its not just a color it is a Cuisine!

 Blue- cool, fun, vibrant, and relaxing. Bleu, cool, fun, vibrant and its own cuisine! 

Master Chef Jr 2014 USA Logan and Chef RobbieIf a kid could have a best friend Chef Robbie Cirillo is mine. He is the Chef at Bleu in the Westin Hotel in downtown Memphis. I got to go there for lunch last Saturday and it was phenomenal!





I had clam chowder for starters and it was the best I have ever had and I have been to Boston. It was light tasting and the flavors blended together perfectly. I detected hint of bacon and dill as well as some other good stuff. It was not from a can.

They brought some bread knots with a special olive oil with a red wine reduction. It was spicy with an unexpected sweetness. I did like it.

Logan MasterChef Junior 2 USA Gulef MemphisThey have a cool small menu that you got to check for B.Y.O.B. or Build your own Burger. I chose a big angus burger well done, chipolte mayo, garlic aloi, a grilled provolone cheese bun (the signature), tomato, lettuce, bacon, pickles, and a side of fruit salad. When I say a grilled cheese bun I mean 2 huge grilled cheese sandwich OMBLEU!
  I did get to try the mushroom topping and the fries too. They were both very good. I am sorry to say I forgot to take a picture of the burger. Wait can I say it was too good to not devour. 
My best friend Chef Robert let me go into the kitchen and see the inner workings of Bleu. He showed me how he makes a fancy sushi lobster roll. That was just the best! He also showed me the grill station-the most expensive station it looked like fun.
junior MasterChef 2 USA Logan Guleff
Chef Robbie invited us to come back for dinner sometime soon, I would go tonight but my parents probably will not take me. Nooooo Fair! Now I need a car and a passport. 

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