Monday, October 1, 2012

The Burger Olympics

It was all fun and games Sunday at Minglewood hall. The Best Burger of Memphis Challenge, started by a local food blogger, was all crazy burger hats and burger mania. They even had a truck with a TV in it. I so want one of those.  The event has grown to around 15 to 16 tents all serving Burgers.

In one of these tents I met local Chef Robbie Cirillo from downtown's Bleu Restaurant. This courageous young chef let me help him plate the burgers for the judges. His pecan smoked bacon, grilled cheese bun creation looked so delicious, I wanted to just eat it up! I am sure he won- even though I have not heard who really did win. Chef Cirillo invited me to come to the restaurant and get a tour of his kitchen and enjoy his cooking. I cant wait to be Bleu at his restaurant. Know what my favorite color is? Blue!!! I know it is gonna be great.

I did try one burger sample from another tent,but sorry to say this it was way over seasoned and just not my favorite. I hope they did better for the judges. 

I did know some of the judges too. Ms Biggs was there, she did the article on me going to the White House. I also saw Mame Shannon from Local Color, a cool show on local events on PBS. 

All the money they raised went to the Memphis Spay and Neuter clinic. Helping animals that did not unfortunately get to try a single burger!

I hope to enter the Challenge next year. It looked like so much fun! 
Look out Robbie cause here I come....

Love the Cabbage,