Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Small Bite of Bleu!

New Bleu 

A  while back I did a blog post on Bleu, if you know Bleu they like to change their menu a lot and since then they now have a new chef and menu.
I got a call go down to Bleu and participate in a really cool blogger tasting menu, and so I went. It was really neat being with a bunch of food bloggers, we all knew what we were eating and it was kinda like having lunch with your friends at camp. Everybody was taking photos and more photos! That is so Food Blogger! 

Chef went to Johnson and Whales when she was 14 and has a Jamaican background and flavors and she loves crab legs.

I have talked to bunches of chefs and almost ALL of them love crab legs over any other kind of seafood and I wondered why that is...
Well, its because crab is the best, that crab is delicious, and well, its crab. Man, I wish I had some crab right now.
Now I can't tell you all the little tasty things I ate there was just so many of them! Stand outs the short ribs, the enpinada, the salad! YUM.....
So,if you have not had lunch yet and want something new
than head on down to Bleu.

Love the Cabbage Leaf,

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