Monday, April 6, 2015

Nashville + Max + Amazing = Pine Wood Social Club

PineWood Social Club

Logan Master Winner Champion Chef Junior Nashville

One of my favorite things about Masterchef Jr, was that they sent me on press tour.

I went to Nashville and Atlanta and my favorite restaurant on that tour was the PineWood Social Club ( The Pine Wood Social Club is owned by Max Goldberg.

Now, Max has created this awesome restaurant with fun games and great food. Normally when you think of food and fun you get Chuck E. Cheese. But this is totally the opposite! I could spend days in there,it has bowling allies, boccie ball, even a pool, and I'm positive there's an Xbox in the back. If I don't find it on my next visit I will see if Max can put one in that air-stream for us!

Now on to the food; I ordered a fabulous coffee, a catfish sandwich, a hummus appetizer, and Mama got a burger.  

Let's start with the fabulous coffee- well, it was fabulous nice and dark and creamy, and JUST fabulous.

Next the appetizer, the hummus was nice and fresh and the chips were interesting, overall I liked it.

When you live in the south you have to eat at least one fried catfish po-boy or sandwich.

The catfish sandwich was delicious, to say the least, it had lettuce and tomato and a light creamy tarter, very simple. But still great!

Mama's burger was fantastic !!! It was so good I had to steal some of the burger!

It had a wonderful flavorful beefy taste.


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