Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Journey Begins-

Come with me on a journey of tasty delight.
You will need some money, a car, and a taste for adventure.

My mission is to inform you about good places to eat out and I am not talking about the Kid's menu! You can call me Leaf. My mom won't let me use my real name because I am 8 years old.

Grab some coins and go to the Trolley Stop on Madison Ave.
If you like cute stuff and Burgers then you will love The Trolley Stop.The T.S. Burger is delicious. The burger is made out of local Neola Beef with fresh greens and tomato. It also has bacon, cheese and avacodo, yum.
I like the Lemon Ice Box Pie and the BLT is great too. It is a little expensive but good for a hungry customer.
I will take a picture for you next time I go.

Love the Cabbage- Leaf

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