Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I was invited to do a Food and Wine show in Tenafly, NJ last weekend, it took a lot of emailing and calling and working to get all the details, but I finally made it and did my first live Demo.Now, I know you might have seen my Posts for the Giants of Generosity but what you might not know is the story of this one woman charity. 

Ms. Jane is a force for good and for the those without a voice.

She started Giants of Generosity 8 years ago, inspired by Oprah, she decided to help those in need. She said she felt God called her to do this work, and I guess I believe her. Ms Jane laughs easy and cries easy. She wears her heart on her sleeve and like my Mom is fearless with an email list and will ask for anything. She asked for me and of course I said yes.

I know that this charity is small but that means you really see the results of all the work she does just like that. She helps accident victims, fire victims, people hurt, down on their luck or just with no place left to turn. She installed an elevator, redid a house, and just helps those who need help.

 Ms Jane does not ask for much in return- her joy for helping shows on her face and I was honored to be at her event.

I was really nervous to do the demo, I usually can knock out TV spots, radio spots and interviews like that! But 20 minutes with some food sounded tough. I think I did pretty good! She was laughing and the audience loved it. I signed autographs and took pictures and I have to say I think this was my first meet and greet. All the people were just so nice too! Thanks Ms. Jane for letting me share in your mission! Now, if you cant start your own charity and want to just help some nice people who have know where to turn here is a link. I promise every dollar you give will help Ms. Jane help others.


Love the Cabbage Leaf,