Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Healthy Kid Ambassador visits the King

     Remember last August when I had the chance to go to the White House and meet the President and First Lady, that is when I got the title of Healthy Kid Ambassador. The inspired me to eat healthier than ever It also inspired me to try and help other kids make healthy choices.
MasterChef Jr 2 Logan Logan Healthy Kid Masterchef Junior Season 2 USA      I thought about the area I live in- and we have the 2nd most visited house after the White House- GRACELAND, home of the King. This would be a great place to have a Healthy Heart Kids Picnic and so I asked the nice people at Graceland, and they gave me the opportunity to have a booth at Scout Rock. I am a Scout so that sounded cool.
Logan Guleff Graceland Memphis Tennessee MasterChef Junior
       One March 22nd I set up my healthy Kid Ambassador booth , showing How to Rethink You Drink. I got about a dozen popular drinks and I measured out the sugar content and put the sugar in bags by each drink. I used a real grahm scale, it was fun and shocking. Have you ever imagined giving your kid a candy bar with dinner?
        Well, it would have less sugar than a Sprite. Or a Blow pop in a kids lunch? That is the amount of sugar in a low sugar capri sun- I can drink FOUR of them!!! That is 44 Grahams of sugar!!!!So many people were shocked.I interviewed Amy about her healthy choice vending machines and had some petitions to sign to get Little Caesars to sell some veggies and Restaurants to serve half portions for half price instead of the bad kids meal food!

It was amazing,one lady invited us to do the booth again for her Charity walk! I think Graceland really enjoyed having me in fact they invited me back next year! I would still like them to host a heart healthy Picnic though!

Thank you, Thank you very much,